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Steinberg Systems Automatic Level With

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Automatic Level Dumpy Level Surveyor's Level + Tripod Level Staff 28x/36mm
EAN13 4062859994318
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Steinberg Systems Automatic Level - With Tripod An...
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steinberg systems automatic level - with tripod an...
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Automatic Level Dumpy Level Surveyor's Level + Tri...
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steinberg systems automatic level with

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Steinberg Systems Automatic Level With .

Whether you're working on building sites, making detailed maps or surveying, the automatic level from Steinberg Systems enables you to comfortably perform measurements and precisely determine height differences.
With the automatic level, you can precisely level surfaces, exactly orient devices and machines, and determine gradients for watercourses.
This levelling set comes with everything you need to take measurements, including an aluminium survey tripod and a folding levelling rod.
In addition to its accuracy—it has a maximum deviation of 1.
5 mm—the builder's level stands out for its durability.
Both the level tripod and the survey staff are made of lightweight-yet-resilient aluminium.
The housing of the builder's level is made of the same metal.
The 36 mm lens and 28x magnification provide a high measuring range.
You can precisely align the surveyor's level using a horizontal crosshair and focus it using the practical focus knob—the minimum distance is just 0.
3 m.
A magnetic compensator automatically levels the device and makes it easier to take measurements in the presence of vibrations, for example when working in the vicinity of heavy machinery.
The included circular level allows you to level the levelling instrument with stand.
The included tripod provides a secure base for precision instruments of all kinds.
The aluminium accessory is easy to transport and precisely adjust thanks to its extendable legs.
The flat tripod head has a total diameter of 120 mm and an opening measuring 45 mm in diameter so you can securely and easily attach your measuring device.
You can steplessly adjust the length of the tripod's three legs between 105 and 165 cm and fix them in the desired position using wing nuts.
Delivery also includes a comfortable strap for easy transport.
The level staff serves as a scale for recording height differences.
At 5 m long, the survey staff offers a generously dimensioned scale.
The two scales on the front and back are divided into millimetres and centimetres as an E-scale.
The level staff has five separate segments of 1.
23 m each which can be folded up and stowed in the sturdy bag with velcro closure and shoulder strap for transport or when not in use.
The set also comes with a spirit level for achieving vertical alignment of the level staff.
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